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Modern & Functional Bathrooms

Offering you only the best shower & bathroom remodeling services in Michigan!

Bathroom Remodeling

We pride ourselves on performing the best quality work. When you work with us you won’t have to worry about who we are bringing into your home or what kind of work you’re going to get from them. We have highly skilled, trusted, and reliable craftsman that will make your bathroom remodeling project go smoothly and you will receive the end result you desire.

Trusted & Reliable

We offer the best bathroom remodeling services in Michigan! We all know that remodeling a bathroom is a big project as it is one of the most used rooms in the house. When you hire Epic Home Solutions, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your property is highly capable hands. We’ll do our very best to minimize our interference as you do your daily work, and we’ll make sure that your bathrooms are shiny, clean, and free from dust after the project is completed. Moreover, we’ll also have a bathroom remodel checklist to show you how to avoid roadblocks, and you may even learn a few ways to save money!

Competency in Delivery

As we offer exceptional bathroom and shower remodeling services throughout Southeast Michigan, we want our customers to know that we always value on-time performance. Plus, we also value accelerated shower conversion and bathroom remodeling services while ensuring control and safety procedures.

We deliver to our customers the best bathroom remodels, and we will try to exceed your expectations by providing you with the most effective fixtures and repairs while utilizing leading-edge tools and equipment.

Aside from the fact that we provide top-level bathroom remodeling services, we consider you as our top priority. We will make sure that we are always well-equipped and knowledgeable of the most modern, effective, and efficient shower and bathroom remodeling methods to date.